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YYC Foodies Festival is an exciting and vibrant in-person event that brings individuals together who share a passionate interest in food and culinary experiences.

For our Foodie Attendees… This dynamic festival provides a platform for food enthusiasts to connect with culinary experts, explore a wide variety of foods, and celebrate the art and culture of cuisine. It offers an opportunity for attendees to expand their culinary horizons by trying new and diverse types of food while appreciating the creativity and expertise of the culinary gurus.

YYC Foodies Festival contributes to our food culture by showcasing local and international flavors, promoting culinary innovation, and fostering a sense of community among food lovers.

For those who enjoy the exploration of different cuisines and value the rich tapestry of culinary experiences, YEG Foodies Festival is a must-visit event!

For our Foodie Retailers… YYC Foodies Festival provides a platform for culinary gurus and libation enthusiasts to showcase their offerings to an engaged audience of food lovers.

This live event is invaluable for chefs, food retailers, and beverage creators as it provides exposure, networking opportunities, and a chance to connect with a passionate and receptive crowd of food enthusiasts.

If you’re involved in the culinary or beverage industry and are looking to introduce your products or creations to a receptive audience, YYC Foodies Festival could be an excellent opportunity to do just that. It can help you gain exposure, build your brand, and connect with potential customers who share your enthusiasm for food and libations.

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